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Boomerang, as is obvious from its name, is something that returns to the thrower when thrown with a certain technique. It was used for hunting, catching fruits and even defence. It was widely used a weapon in wars and matches. Originally, it was made of wood, metal, even ivory, but present day championship boomerangs are mainly foam and PVC materials.
‘Mowgli’, the jungle boy, was found with wolves in 1831 in the caves of Santbawdi village in the Gond tribal area of Seoni. Mowgli, believed to be a Gond himself, held a weapon, the Boomerang, a hunting tool and weapon of the tribe. After being discovered by some British hunters, and their reciting the tale to their counterparts, famous writer Rudyard Kipling recreated the character and made him a famous kid with superhuman powers. Read More.....

Our Mission

The IBA, incorporated under the laws of the Societies Regulation Act, 1860, India, shall be permanently and exclusively dedicated to the following purposes. To endeavor for the promotion, development and organization of the sporting Boomerang to National and International level. Read More....

Our Vision

The name of the corporation is the Indo-Boomerang Association (IBA). IBA is an amateur sporting association, having no aim of profit and of open-ended duration, to support and promote all aspects of the sport of boomeranging in terms of competition, art, and science. Read More....

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18/06/2022 17:23:32

First National Boomerang Championship at the Indir

IBA National Boomerang Championship 2020

Indo-Boomerang Association organized the first National Boomerang Championship at the Indira Gandhi Cricket Ground Chhinchwada, M.P. Played all over the world and governed by the International Federat

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