Our Vision

The name of the corporation is the Indo-Boomerang Association (IBA). IBA is an amateur sporting association, having no aim of profit and of open-ended duration, to support and promote all aspects of the sport of boomeranging in terms of competition, art, and science. Our aim is to strengthen our association with all boomerang enthusiasts within and outside India, to promote national and international competitions, and to establish uniform rules and regulations for these competitions.

Our Mission

The IBA, incorporated under the laws of the Societies Regulation Act, 1860, India, shall be permanently and exclusively dedicated to the following purposes:

  • To endeavor for the promotion, development and organization of the sporting Boomerang to National and International level;
  • To promote the acceptance of Boomerang throwing as a legitimate international sport by establishing standard rules of competition for the recognition of the world records and national records;
  • To select the sites where to hold the National and International Championships;
  • To assist the organizers of the National and World Championships;
  • To cooperate with the Associations of Sporting Promotion, the International Federations and the International Olympic Committee for the recognition of the sport of Boomerang;
  • To provide leadership and guidance to the National and International Boomerang community as a sanctioning body;
  • To promote cultural initiatives to go thoroughly into all the aspects of the Boomerang, in a far-reaching manner, e.g. its historical, artistic, scientific, technical and educational aspects.


Vivek Montrose

Founder President



Dr. R Karthik Raja

General Secretary

Dr. Asit Kumar Sahani


Parampreet Kaur

M.A., B.Ed

Amrita Verma

Executive member
M.a., LLB

Sambhaw Singh Shyam

Executive member
S.Sc., Web Designer

Avinash Ruhela

Executive member
M.P.T., Physiotherapist Cardio

Ajay Singh Shyam

Executive member
B. Com.

Rupak Kumar

Executive member

Laxman Singh

Executive member

Maniganda R.K.

Executive member
M.A., M.Com.

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