PROFILE- Vivek Montrose


Rank :
Founder President
Details :
Vivek Montrose, Founder President of IBA, has been in awe of the Boomerang since the age of 13, when he first got it as a gift, and at the tender age of 15, under the guidance of Australian Aboriginal Guru Ken Colbung, learnt to throw as well as carve one, and first took part in a friendly challenge at the Jamboori, an international scout festival in Perth, Western Australia, in 1994-95. He felt really honoured to be at the side of his Guru to throw open the Australia-India Hockey series in Bhopal in 1997. His interest in this rare sport got him printed in the INDIA TODAY magazine back then. Since then he never looked back, and has continued and still continues to make this sport a household name. His mission is to give India its first Boomerang team, and participate in the WBC, World Boomerang Championship, 2020, in Bourdeux, France. He was invited to represent India at the 50th Anniversary celebration and championship of the BAA (Boomerang Association of Australia). Participating countries included America, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, India, Australia among others.

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